Diablo Glass School

Stained Glass

Note: We are temporarily closed starting Monday 3/13/2023 Рwe are renovating the building but will open again, new & improved, in summer 2023! 

Stained glass refers to both colored glass and the technique of combining the glass into decorative windows and objects. Pieces of stained glass are cut and ground to fit closely together to form a design. The individual pieces of glass are assembled using the Tiffany Copper Foil technique. This involves lining the edges of the glass pieces with copper foil, then soldering them together using non-l

ead solder. Two-dimensional assembled pieces are sometimes mounted in a frame. Three-dimensional pieces can also be created.

While both stained glass and fused glass involve cutting cold glass, works of stained glass are usually created from a drawing so that the pieces will fit closely together. Fused glass can be done more freely and spontaneously since heating it in the kiln will cause the pieces to melt and fuse together.

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The minimum age for stained glass is 14.