Diablo Glass School


Glassblowing is a technique of working with molten glass. The hot glass is gathered from a furnace on a pipe, solid or hollow, and manipulated using a variety of tools at a bench. The glass is only hot enough to be workable for a few seconds at a time and is kept hot by frequent reheating.

Glassblowing has many similarities with flameworking, a key difference being that when working at the furnace the glass is hot and has to be kept hot. Furnace glassblowing can be used to make both hollow and solid, functional or sculptural objects.

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Glassblowing: Flowers
Sessions: 1

Learn the basics of working with molten glass and make your own sculpted hot glass flowers.
Glassblowing Sampler
Sessions: 1

This sampler class is the best way to enjoy the excitement of working with molten glass while making your own solid glass paperweight.
Glassblowing: The Swedish Bowl
Sessions: 1

Every student will create a gorgeous, funky glass bowl and build a strong foundation for future exploration. No experience necessary! All materials included.
Glassblowing: Specialty Swedish Bowl with Clay
Sessions: 1

In this specialty class, students create colorful glass bowls that are textured with a layer of wet clay. No experience necessary! All materials included.
Glassblowing 1: Basics and Fundamentals
Sessions: 4

A four week course that introduces students to the fundamentals of glassblowing.
Glassblowing 2: Color and Size
Sessions: 4

An intermediate class where students gain a stronger understanding of how to control and shape the glass and apply new color techniques to create artistically colorful larger vases and vessels.
Glassblowing Private Workshop for 2
Sessions: 1

A private workshop where you work as a team to each make your own colorful glass object.