Diablo Glass School


Must I be vaccinated to take a class at Diablo?

Effective January 15, 2022, all visitors age 12 and older are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter the studio. This is in accordance with the city of Boston’s new COVID safety mandates. Please bring your vaccination card or a photo of your vaccination card to your class to be checked in. 


I see both Private Lesson (Glassblowing) and Private Glassblowing Workshop for Two options – what’s the difference?

The main difference between the Private Glassblowing Workshop for Two ($300 total for two hours) and a private lesson ($220 total for two hours, for two people) is that in the Private Glassblowing Workshop for Two, the teacher is much more hands-on in assisting students so they can come away with nicer-looking pieces! Students can also make more pieces in this workshop, and have a choice in what is made.

Private lessons are for students looking to start from the very beginning, learn the tools, and build an independent glassblowing practice over the course of a longer period of time- in your first lesson, you may make just a small, clear lump of glass because the teacher is coaching you, rather than assisting you. Glassblowing is challenging and has a steep learning curve! Private lesson students typically try to take a lesson at a regular weekly or monthly time, such that they can eventually independently rent (this timeframe of course depends on how quickly the skills are picked up). **PLEASE NOTE that due to overwhelming demand for Glassblowing slots, we are not taking on new Private Lesson students at this time. Please inquire about Glassblowing 1 if you are starting out!**


Can you make hollow pieces at Diablo with COVID protocols still in place?

During classes that require air/a bubble (Swedish Bowl and Holiday Ornaments, for example), we have been using hand pumps to avoid mouth contact on the blowpipes and removal of masks. It will be this way until further notice. This is for both your safety as well as the teachers here at Diablo Glass School.


Where do I park?

We have limited parking available in our small parking lot, to the righthand side of the building. Only about 3-4 cars fit at any given time, and we share the lot with the tenants next door. We advise all students to arrive early to find street parking on Terrace Street. We also have one spot across the street from the main entrance, underneath a “Diablo” sign in the parking lot across the street. *Other than that spot, please do not park in the lot across the street!*. If you are able to take the T, we are located 5 mins. on foot from the Roxbury Crossing stop on the Orange Line. 


What is flameworking?

 Flameworking is a technique that uses a bench-mounted oxygen gas torch to heat rods and tubes of glass. The heated molten glass can be blown and shaped with tools. While similar to furnace glassblowing, flameworking allows for a higher level of detail. Pieces are typically smaller and more delicate than blown glass pieces.  

See more info on our Flameworking Classes Page 


What is glassblowing?

 Glassblowing is a technique of working with molten glass. The hot glass is gathered from a furnace on a pipe, solid or hollow, and manipulated using a variety of tools at a bench. Larger scale pieces than flameworking. 

See more info on our Glassblowing Classes Page 


What is stained glass? 

Pieces of cold, colored sheet glass are cut and ground to fit closely together to form a design. The individual pieces of glass are assembled using the Tiffany Copper Foil technique. This involves lining the edges of the glass pieces with copper foil, then soldering them together using non-lead solder.

See more info on our Stained Glass Classes Page 


What is fused glass?

 Fusing is a technique of cutting and layering pieces of cold glass to create an object. Once the design is complete, it is placed in a kiln and heated until the individual pieces fuse together. A fused piece can be “slumped” by placing the flat glass in a mold and heating it in the kiln a second time. As the piece softens it gradually takes the shape of the mold.

See more info on our Fused Glass Classes Page 


Can my 10-year-old blow glass? 

No. The minimum age for classes in glassblowing, flameworking, and stained glass is 14. Please contact us for more information about fused glass classes, which are appropriate for all ages! 


Can someone accompany me, just to watch my class?

No. Due to COVID-19 safety protocol and glassblowing safety protocol, please do not bring children, friends, or family to observe your class. 


Why the 2-hour minimum for a Private Lesson (Glassblowing)? 

To encourage the safety protocols in place, to not rush in the studio and to allow time to clean and maintain the studio space. 


Why can’t I take my pieces home on the day of my class?

In the flat shop when working with Stained Glass, some students complete the soldering stage of a project and can take their piece home with them that day. 

With glassblowing and flameworking, glass needs to be placed in an annealer to slowly bring its temperature down over the course of several days, because hot pieces are extremely dangerous to handle. 

With fused glass, pieces are placed in a kiln, and their temperature is brought up (to melt or “fuse” together), then brought back down to a safe temperature to handle. Pieces can be picked up one week after class to account for annealing or firing. 


Can I come by to pick up my pieces anytime?

Unfortunately, no. We are operating at reduced capacity in the office due to COVID-19, so the best way to coordinate picking up is to email us at info@DiabloGlassSchool.com . We can let you know when we are available for pickups. We offer shipping options for $25 for up to two pieces (glassblowing and fused glass) plus $5 per additional piece. Flameworking pieces are small, so your party can ship up to 5 pieces for $25 from the flame shop. 


What should I wear when taking the class? Anything else I should bring?

Bring a water bottle! The hot shop and flame shop get hot and one can get dehydrated quickly! We also supply bottled water for $1/bottle if you need a refill or forgot to bring your own. Use of water fountains is prohibited until further notice for sanitary purposes. Wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothing. Please bring a hair elastic if you have long hair. 


Anything I cannot wear at the studio? 

Open-toed shoes, heels, easy-to-melt synthetic clothing or wigs, dangly jewelry are dangerous (the furnace is very hot and metal jewelry conducts heat and can burn you!). If you wear eyeglasses, bring them with you! Contacts are fine too. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone wearing open-toed shoes or heels without refund. 


Can a class run when I’m the only person signed up?

No, we do need a minimum number of students to run a class. In the flat shop (fusing and stained glass) we need two students to run a class, in the flame shop (flameworking) we need two students to run a class, and in the hot shop (glassblowing) we need three students to run a class. If you sign up for a glassblowing class that only has 3 total students signed up, the class will be shortened by 30 minutes.

 We will notify you of low enrollment prior to your class, and if it cannot run, we will switch you into another class, issue you a Gift Certificate, or issue you a full refund, whatever you prefer!  


Can I get a refund on a Gift Certificate if I no longer want it?

No. Gift Certificates (just like Gift Cards from stores) are non-refundable. You can always give your Gift Certificate to a friend and they can use it!