Diablo Glass School

Fusing and Slumping

Note: We are temporarily closed starting Monday 3/13/2023 Рwe are renovating the building but will open again, new & improved, in summer 2023! 

Fusing is a technique of cutting and layering pieces of cold glass to create an object. Once the design is complete, it is placed in a kiln and heated until the individual pieces fuse together.

Slumping is the process of creating a three-dimensional shape. A fused piece can be slumped by placing the flat glass in a mold and heating it in the kiln a second time. As the piece softens it gradually takes the shape of the mold.

Detailed patterns can be created by fusing combinations of tiles to create larger fusings. Fusing and slumping can be used to create functional objects such as tiles, pendants or dishes or sculptural work.

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The minimum age for fused glass classes is 6. Parental guidance is needed for kids under age 10 if student will be cutting glass (classes other than Scraptastic).