Diablo Glass School


Flameworking is a technique that uses a bench mounted oxygen gas torch to heat rods and tubes of glass. The heated molten glass can be blown and shaped with tools.

While similar to furnace glassblowing, flameworking allows for a higher level of detail. Many kinds of objects can be created including marbles, sculptural pieces, beads and other kinds of jewelry.

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Flameworking Pumpkins
Sessions: 1

A variety of color applications will be covered along with plenty of working time to create Autumn treasures to display in your home! No experience necessary!
Flameworking Chillums
Sessions: 1

Experience melting small rods of glass, then controlling, shaping, and sculpting them to decorate your own glass chillum.
Flameworking: Implosions
Sessions: 1

Learn the art of turning glass 'inside out' to create flameworked implosions.
Flameworking: Glass Animals
Sessions: 1

These adorable glass creatures make lovely window ornaments and family keepsakes! All levels are welcome, especially beginners.
Flameworking 101: Borosilicate
Sessions: 4

Join us for a four-week beginner class exploring the art of flameworking!