Diablo Glass School

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your Birthday in the company of your friends and family and in the presence of glass artists who will make your birthday gift!

Pick your colors! What’s it going to be? Choose from:

  • a paperweight
  • an ornament
  • a drinking glass

Your celebration here at Diablo includes:

  • A 30-minute glassblowing demonstration for you and your guests. Watch how molten glass is gathered from a 2100 degree glass furnace and manipulated with gravity and tools.
  • A 1.5-hour hands-on experience: choose from a large selection of colorful sheet glass, create two-dimensional designs and make unique tiles, landscapes, light-catchers or pendants.
  • A reception in our studio (you bring the cake).

Things you might want to know:
Your birthday party at Diablo lasts for 2 hours.
Cost: $85 per person with a minimum charge of $850 (max # of people: 20)
Your glass pieces will need to cool in a kiln. You can pick them up the following week or we can send them to you for a shipping and handling fee of $75.

Things we’ll need to know:
Tell us when this special day is.
Tell us how many people.
Talk with us about your gift preferences.
Let us know what else…

It’s party time! Email us at info@diabloglassschool.com to arrange yours.