Teen Vacation : Glassblowing & Flameworking

One or Two Day Intensives: Weekdays 9-4
Ages 12-18

Sign up for a class by emailing: info@diabloglassschool.com

1 day class: $350
2 day class: $600
Class size limit: 2-4

For safety reasons, all students in the class must either be in the from household or part of the same small social bubble.

In this class students will spend half of the time in the hotshop and half in the flame shop.

Teens who are interested in working in a team atmosphere with a lot of physical activity will enjoy working in the hot shop. Diablo’s experienced instructors will guide teens through a series of demonstrations and hands-on exercises to build understanding of the medium. There is a low student to instructor ratio in the hot shop to ensure safety and plenty of individual instruction. In the hot shop, students will focus on working with solid glass, making paperweights and other sculptural objects.

In the afternoon students will move into the flame shop where using a stationary bench torch they will learn how to make beautiful glass beads or animal sculptures. After a discussion of studio set-up and safety, demonstrations will introduce students to the use of heat and gravity to shape molten glass. Techniques such as dot application, marvering, stringers, annealing and bead cleaning, will all be covered.

Please note: We reserve the right to reschedule a class 1-2 days prior if the weather is expected to be over 80 degrees outside. This is for everyone’s comfort. Although we ventilate the hot shop, it can become very warm and wearing a mask can become uncomfortable.