Glassblowing: The Swedish Bowl

Glassblowing: The Swedish Bowl


Class Fee: $125.00
Class Length: 2.5 hours
Class size limit: 8

The Swedish Bowl is similar to the glass paperweight, but students will go further! Students will work with a blowpipe and COVID-safe hand pump to add a hollow bubble to their piece, then allow the bubble to collapse, creating a double-walled bowl.

This introductory class guides the first-time glass artist through the most crucial skills in the hot shop. Students will learn how to gather glass from the furnace, shape and control it, and apply color. Our instructors will introduce you to the tools you’ll be using, hot shop safety, and basic glass theory. Every student will create a gorgeous, funky glass bowl and a strong foundation for future exploration. No experience necessary! All materials included. Classes may be shortened by 30 minutes due to low enrollment.

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