Teen Vacation Workshops

Four-Day Intensives: Monday-Thursday 9-4

Ages 12-18

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Teen Vacation Week: Glassblowing & Flameworking
Price per workshop: $750

Class size limit: 9
Teens who are interested in working in a team atmosphere with a lot of physical activity will enjoy working in the glass blowing shop. Diablo's experienced instructors will guide teens through a series of demonstrations and hands-on exercises to build their understanding of the medium. There is a three students to one instructor ratio in the hot shop to ensure safety and plenty of individual instruction. First, students will learn basic glass manipulation by creating a paperweight. They will move on to learn how to introduce air into the piece to create a bubble. From there, students can make glasses and small vases. In the afternoon students will move into the Flame shop where teens will learn how to make beautiful glass beads using a stationary bench torch. They will be working on a mandrel, using soft glass to build colorful glass pieces. After a discussion of studio set-up and safety, demonstrations will introduce students to the use of heat and gravity to shape molten glass. Techniques such as dot application, marvering, stringers, annealing and bead cleaning, will all be covered.

9:00am - 4:00pm

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston