Pre-Teen Classes

Glass and way? YES WAY!

These classes offer students aged 8-12 a chance to explore the basics of fused glass without the hazards of glass cutting or powdered glass. Using only pre-cut glass, small scraps, frits, and soft, easy-to-bend copper wire, young students will have a chance to get some creative juices flowing. Here is your chance to get your child involved in a craft that is sure to impress.

Students under age 8 can be admitted if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

To sign up online for a class click on the dates next to the class you want below. You can also sign up for a class by calling: (617) 442-7444.

Friendship Bracelets and Necklaces
Two Day Workshop
Course Fee: $120
No experience necessary

Class size limit: 10
This Girls ONLY two-day workshop is a fun adventure for any little lady to make friendship bracelets and necklaces. During the first day, students will learn the basics of glass fusing using colored scrap and pre-cut pendant sized piece (no glass cutting will be introduced to students). Day two takes the fused pieces made on day one and develops them into assembly of only the COOLEST friendship bracelets and necklaces using soft satin and cotton cords and simple knots.

Saturday & Sunday
2:00pm - 4:00pm

One-Day Workshop
Course Fee: $65
No experience necessary

Class size limit: 10
This workshop covers Basic Glass Fusing using only scrap glass and copper wire (no glass cutting will be introduced). Student will be provided with a bin full of clear scrap to assemble fun shapes and designs and will then decorate with colored scrap and frit to create sun catchers, wish stones, pendants, and sculptures including free standing dolls and flowers!

Sunday Afternoon
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park Boston Center for Adult Education DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park
Newton Community Education