Mixed Media

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Fruit & Flower Flat Glass Mosaic

Students will design and create a 6"x6" flat glass mosaic using the hinged top of a wood box designed specifically to accommodate mosaics. The shapes and colors of flowers and fruit provide a good starting point for beginners to learn how to design and execute a simple, beautiful flat glass mosaic. The first class will begin with an introduction to the terminology, tools, and techniques of flat glass mosaics and a discussion of the elements of composition: the form of the design, the properties of the glass, the andamenti (the way the tiles are laid out) and the impact of grouting. Students will create their designs for this project, select glass, and get their materials ready for the following day. On the second day students will cut the tiles, place, and adhere them (using the direct method with or without mesh) to the wood surface. During the third day, students will select grout color, mix grout, apply grout, and give the mosaic a first buffing. All materials are provided. No previous experience is required.

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From the Furnace to the Kiln: Cane, Murrini, Fusing, and Slumping

Ever wonder what to do with all your old pieces of glass, cane and color? Fuse it! This class will introduce furnace workers to the world of kiln forming. Our experienced instructors will lead students through a series of cane and murrini exercises, which will be the palette for the work they will ultimately create in the kiln. There will be a lot of hands-on working time and technical discussion. We will cover color and kiln forming theory, which will arm you with the knowledge you need to move freely between the different studios.

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From the Kiln to the Glory Hole: Pattern Bars, Roll-Ups and Pastorelli

Your fusing on fire! Kiln forming is generally a hands-off way of manipulating glass. In this experimental class the kiln artist's hands and eyes will determine the final effect. The objective of this course is to introduce the kiln former to the hot shop. We will start with a series of pattern bars and fusing exercises, which we will draw from throughout the course. We will demonstrate the roll-up technique, which will allow your fusing to be manipulated in the round on a blowpipe. Your roll-up design will be achieved with the help of the instructors. We will explore a variety of experimental techniques such as pastorelli forming, draping and free form sculpting. This class will exponentially expand your knowledge of how heat affects glass. Prerequisite: Some fusing and glass cutting experience required.

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From the Torch to the Kiln: Flameworking, Fusing and Slumping

This class is great for both flame workers and fusers. You will use system 96 rods in the flame studio to create cane, murrine and free form sculpture, which will be used in a series of fused and slumped plates in the kiln. You will learn kiln-forming theory through a series of different temperature firings using our flame worked components. This course will open you up to a new world of possibilities in glass.

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Integrated Stained Glass Panel
Course Fee: $550

In this six-week intensive course you will experience the versatility of glass. You will learn the basics of stained glass, fused glass and hot glass in order to make a window panel that combines all three techniques. We will spend the first week learning to cut and solder glass and designing a panel. The second week will be spent making fused pieces, the third and fourth week will be in the hot shop making rondelles and marbles, and during the last two weeks we will combine all of your creations into one stunning glass panel. Feel free to bring along small found objects to inspire and include in your work. This class will stretch the boundaries of stained glass. No experience necessary, but all levels welcome.

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