As a hub of colleges and universities, the greater Boston area provides a vibrant and strategic center where Diablo Glass School can attract art students from all cultural and educational backgrounds to explore the ancient art of glass.

The studio has the facilities for artists to work on any number of glass techniques from casting and fusing, to flameworking and glassblowing.

Being a part of this exchange program would be a great opportunity to work with Glass as a means of expression for art students and amateurs. It is also an opportunity to experience American life in a city where art and education are at the forefront.

If you are interested in an opportunity to travel to the USA to study glass, to be immersed in a culturally diverse and sophisticated Bostonian atmosphere, to be in touch with your own creative imaginations through glass medium, Diablo is the right choice for you.

With a strong focus on cultural exchange in glass art, we are proud to offer cost effective and comprehensive programs for you.

In your free time, you will find Boston offers all any cosmopolitan city has to offer such as our many parks, green spaces, free concerts, beaches, baseball, great food, museums and much more.

Available techniques
Glass Blowing, Flame Working, Fused Glass, Glass Casting, Glass Cutting, Cold Working, Stained Glass. Students can focus on taking a series of intensive classes in certain glass techniques or choose to be immersed in a whole spectrum of glass techniques.

Field Trips to glass museums, art and design colleges, galleries and shows.
Touristic trips to the main attractions of Boston area.

Shared rooms, boarding optional.

Spring Semester
(13 weeks including class and studio time)
Tuition (class, studio time and material) $5760
Room and activities: $3900

Summer/Winter Intensives
(5 weeks including class and studio time)
Tuition (class, studio time and material) $2880
Room and activities: $1950

Tuition (class, studio time and material) $2880
Room and activities: $1950

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston