Mold Hot Pour Casting

Learn how to hot pour cast with a mold. Make you own objects and experiment including different materials into the casted piece.

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Casting & Capturing your Child's prints

They grow up so fast! Join us for a fun day of sandcasting and create a beloved family keepsake. We will pour molten glass into the sand and capture a 3-dimensional impression of your child's feet or hands. This one-of-a-kind souvenir will become a time capsule of your little one's days. During the first part of the class you will receive an introduction to casting glass objects in sand. We will use fine sand mixed with bentonite (which will help retain detail). The children will come for approximately 15 minutes at a prearranged time during the second part of the class. They will make the impression of their feet or hands in the sand creating the negative space where we will pour the molten glass.

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Kiln Casting
Course Fee: $400

Class Size Limit: 9
During this four-week class, students will cast found or created objects in glass. We will make rubber molds around objects and then pour wax into the rubber molds creating your object in wax. This wax will be encased in plaster-silica, before being melted out creating a negative space of your object in the plaster mold. The molten colored glass will drip into your mold, casting your object in glass!

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Important notes about the hot shop: To work safely in the Hot Shop you must wear closed-toed sneakers or shoes. Please do not wear sandals, flip flops, heels, shorts or skirts and only cotton clothing is allowed. Remember: Polyester melts... and that's no fun!!!

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston